Production standarts

Clothing production standards are state-established samples. According to these samples there are recommendations how to make certain clothing. A feature of state standards is strict compliance with the developed rules.

For fabrics, threads, fittings, fillers, various tests are carried out. Specialists record all indicators: how test samples endure different weather conditions, how they behave when washing, etc. Based on the results of such tests, manufacturers select the material for their products.

The same goes for cutting and sewing. There are certain standards for sewing any products of different materials. All parameters are established with accuracy, up to the length of the gap between the buttons. Every operation has its own standard. There are also established standards for clothing sizes.

We sew our products and select materials in full compliance with sewing standards. As a result, our customers get things that can be worn for more than one season. By following the standards of sewing production, we guarantee you the predictable quality of our products!

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