Workwear for engineers

The appearance of engineering and technical workers should distinguish them from any other category of employees. Working clothes for engineers should be, on the one hand, comfortable, practical and resistant to dirt, and on the other hand, should distinguish the manager, look solid, not to get lost among other overalls and emphasize the status of the owner. Northwestek workwear for engineers is comfortable and functional. Well-designed patterns guarantee your comfort and safety.

In addition, workwear for engineers should work to create and maintain a positive image of your company. It requires the application of corporate attributes and the company logo on the products. If possible, clothing should also match the corporate identity. We can design engineering clothing with the hallmarks of the production departments. We can embody any specific features into workwear created for engineering and technical workers.

The main advantages of workwear for engineers by Northwestek:

  • convenience and practicality; 
  • representative appearance;
  • the presence of a large number of convenient pockets;
  • comfortable hood with a fluffy edge to protect the face from the wind;
  • the presence of a windproof skirt and knitted cuffs;
  • fabric strength and reliability of accessories;
  • ease of care.

If you are a production manager then our bright, high-status and stylish workwear will definitely distinguish you from the general background, emphasize your belonging to a manufacturing company and undoubtedly will attract interest to it.

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