Materials we use

Materials we use

The quality of any clothes starts with the choice of materials. In the production of clothing, we opt for modern technological materials. This is due to the combination of many useful properties of clothing: lightness and convenience, coupled with good heat retention in the cold season, strength and durability with ease of storage and care. And an attractive appearance that lasts for more than one season is combined with a relatively low cost of clothing.

The parkas and the jackets that we sew are, first of all, the materials we use. This is the fabric of the top of the jacket, lining, insulation and fittings, as well as threads and additional materials necessary for making clothes. To obtain the desired result, we choose only high-quality materials by well-known, well-established manufacturers. The choice of suppliers is the basis of the quality of the clothes we produce, this is very important for us. We don't look for small gains risking of losing quality. That is why the materials used by us in production are of high quality, from fabrics and fittings to threads and insulation.

Top fabric for parkas and jackets

The fabric we use to sew the top of our parkas or jackes must match the conditions in which the clothing will be used. And the conditions can be very diverse: temperature range, wind, precipitation - rain, snow, hail. Even bright sun affects the life of the fabric. This means that clothing must be waterproof, windproof, strong and durable. And at the same time - easy to care for, wash well and not to lose an attractive appearance for a long time. That is why we choose practical and modern synthetic materials for our jackets. These are nylon, polyester and cotton with polyester - waterproof wear-resistant fabrics of various shades, which have by nice appearance.

Insulation for winter parkas and jackets

The basis of a winter jacket is a heater. The jacket must reliably retain heat at fairly low sub-zero temperatures and gusty winds. At the same time, it should not create a "greenhouse effect", the jacket should be comfortable and lightweight. All the qualities necessary for this are provided by the modern insulation used by us - a microfiber insulation of a new generation. It is durable, easy to care for, easy to wash at home retaining its useful qualities. The thermal insulation properties of such a heater are due to the peculiarities of the composition: these are unique microfibers, which are 50-70 times thinner than a human hair. It is lightweight, breathable and does not get wet. In a jacket with such a heater it is always warm, light and comfortable.


The lining of the jacket plays an important role in creating a holistic product. It should securely close the insulation and create internal comfort during the operation of clothing. The lining should be strong, durable, and also “breathable”, hygroscopic. All these qualities are provided by the fabrics that we use as lining. For winter parkas and jackets we use a windproof lining, which serves as an additional barrier to the wind.

Fur trim

For a number of models of winter parkas and jackets with hoods, removable fur trims are provided. We use natural fur for them. The specialists of our company are very well versed in fur. Beautiful and high-quality edges of our jackets favorably differ them from the clothes of other manufacturers. But the fur edge serves not only as a decoration, but also as a means of protection from the cold. The edging on the hood creates a warm air cushion around the face, protecting it from direct cold air and frost.


The quality and durability of the jacket is provided not only by the fabrics and insulation used in sewing, but also by such seemingly trifles as threads, buttons, zippers, velcro, latches and other details. Thanks to them the final assessment of the quality of clothing is formed. And that is why we use high-quality fittings from European manufacturers.

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