Worwwear by individual order

Northwestek has extensive experience in designing and sewing special clothing. Our parkas are made of thought-through details of the cut and high-quality materials. Our designers have created a number of clothing collections that correspond certain standards. If the terms of use differ from the conditions assumed by the standard, our company can offer a new type of service that is gaining popularity: customizing - individualization, the execution of an individual order.

Parkas and jackets for working in conditions of too low temperatures, wind, precipitation, and other climate features can be produced in a small batch for a special order. In addition to climatic conditions, you can also take into account the specifics of the work: pollution, features of equipment, transport, the tool used. Achieving the goals is carried out in various ways. For example, to insulate jackets and parkas we can use extra insulations or more technologically advanced materials that retain heat. It is possible to add various functional details - valves, cuffs, drawstrings that protect against gusts of wind, deeper hoods, adjacent knitted inner parts.

For reliable protection against precipitation, water-repellent fabrics for the top of jackets and parkas can be used. Features of work can also be taken into account when customizing outerwear: special pockets for a radio set and various tools can be placed on the jacket. Also, in order to individualize a batch of jackets or parkas, they can be made in a single corporate style, creating a unique design. Safety requirements can also be taken into account when designing a batch of clothing.

We can create a batch of outerwear that correspondents special requirements. We can customize parkas and jackets like a high-precision working tool, and this workwear will not let you down in difficult terms of use.

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