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Clothing Sewing Services

Clothing Sewing Services

Is your job associated with wearing special clothing or having a corporate style in the company? Do you work in specific climatic conditions? Or do you just love active leisure and require comfortable and functional clothing for specific purposes and conditions? You can order everything you need from us. We have extensive experience in sewing winter and summer workwear, as well as corporate clothing and related accessories, and clothing for active leisure. We carefully test all our products before offering them to you. We provide a 2-year warranty on all our items. Additionally, we offer a wide range of additional services.

Clothing Production Tailored to Your Specific Needs and Requirements

The conditions for operating workwear often differ from standard ones. Extremely low temperatures and heavy precipitation, strong winds and high levels of contamination, aggressive chemical environments and specific equipment, working during dark hours—all these require a special approach. We can offer the production of parkas and jackets on a custom order.

Customization is the individualization of the order, where the clothing manufactured is adjusted to the required conditions like a special tool. We address this task comprehensively. In solving it, we offer the following:

  • Use of more technological materials and additional insulators;
  • Attention to details: flaps and cuffs, drawstrings, and deeper hoods;
  • Pockets for radios and other frequently used tools;
  • Carabiners and other elements of fittings;
  • Use of reflective tapes on clothing and accessories.

Moreover, we have considered the practical and aesthetic side: specially designed sets for different seasons and weather can be executed in a unified corporate style. We can develop from scratch and sew the needed model of parkas or jackets from fabric suitable for specific operating conditions. Customization is also very helpful if there are employees with non-standard sizes among the company's staff—such as very tall or short individuals or those with other body features. Clothing tailored by us on a custom order can help solve many of your problems and specific tasks.

Production of Winter Clothing for Extremely Low Temperatures and Extreme Operating Conditions
Our specialization is the production of winter clothing for working in extreme conditions.

Winter Clothing Production

Our core specialization is the production of winter clothing for extremely low temperatures and extreme operating conditions.

Design and Logos

A logo is very important for a company where special clothing is worn. It is convenient and practical—it’s immediately clear which company or organization an employee belongs to. It’s also easier for employees to "recognize" their colleagues in large workplaces. Logos on clothing are placed for both the company's image and its advertising. A well-chosen and beautifully designed logo is an additional tool to attract interest to the organization. We offer clients branding services and applying inscriptions, slogans, logos, or drawings. Moreover, we help with the design development, consult on color solutions, and select suitable sizes.

This comprehensive approach works very well for clients who cannot decide on how their employees' clothing should look. For each field of activity, we can provide our own "features"—for example, for employees of reserves and national parks, we offer to place the logos or emblems of the national park on the clothes. If necessary, we can also stylize special clothing to resemble national costumes or give it an ecological direction. Through design solutions, emblems, logos, and "stylization," we can realize any of your ideas.

Color and Style

It is ideal if the special clothing not only has logos and corporate attributes but is also tailored in accordance with the corporate style. At your request, we can alter the standard design or develop a new one, apply the necessary color scheme. For large companies, we offer to develop groups of workwear with distinctive signs for production units. If you are a production manager, our bright and prestigious workwear is for you. It will immediately set you apart, draw attention to your belonging to the company.


In accordance with the client's needs, we can alter the upper fabric or the thickness of the insulator for winter clothing depending on the conditions in which it is expected to be used.

We Work for Everyone

Clients can be companies and enterprises, as well as various clubs, organizers of gatherings, forums, and conferences. The minimum order is from 10 pieces.

Wide Assortment

We offer to develop and sew to order both workwear tailored to specific operating conditions, and winter, demi-season, and summer outerwear for everyday use and for active leisure. Additionally, corporate clothing with branding and logo application can also be ordered. Furthermore, you can order other clothing items and accessories—for work, active leisure, and everyday life, including vests, t-shirts, and polos. We have developed convenient models of work t-shirts and socks for active leisure.

Clothing Sewing Services

If you need high-quality and reliable items for work, travel, active leisure, made according to your working, aesthetic, and other needs—contact us. We will carefully consider your needs, provide all necessary consultations, and help bring your desires to life in our products.