Work parkas and jackets

Northwestek manufactures workwear, winter parkas and jackets designed for working at low temperatures. The top of our jackets is produced in two variants. The first variant is sewn of the dense mixed fabric that contains of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. Due to this, jackets remain soft and elastic in harsh climatic conditions and withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees. The second variant is adapted to temperatures down to -20 degrees. The fabric composition of the top of this jacket is 100% polyester. Both types of jacket top fabric are resistant to chemicals and petroleum products.

Jackets are easy to wash, insulation and fabric retain their properties. Knitted cuffs, insulated velcro straps, windproof lining and skirt serve as additional protection against wind and frost. The important element in harsh winter conditions is a detachable insulated hood. It is adjustable in height. Lightweight insulation made of ultrathin fibers forms an air layer retains heat well. It is evenly distributed, retains its shape and properties after repeated washings and active wear. The composition of the insulation, as well as the composition of the lining - 100% polyester.

High-quality fittings, in particular, ARTA-F or YKK zipper. Both zippers are closed with two straps, external and internal. it ensures the reliability of jackets during the usage. The use of other high-quality materials, from buttons to threads, as well as sewing by highly skilled craftsmen, guarantee good wear resistance of jackets, the possibility of their stable usage in special climatic zones (1A and 1B), at temperatures of -25 and -41 degrees.

The main advantages of workwear from Northwestek:

  • convenience and practicality;
  • the presence of a large number of convenient pockets;
  • comfortable hood with a fluffy edge to protect the face from the wind;
  • the presence of a windproof skirt and knitted cuffs;
  • fabric strength and reliability of accessories;
  • ease of care.

Comfort and functionality of working winter jackets are provided by a free straight cut and seven roomy pockets. Bright colors combined with contrasting black and the presence of reflective stripes correspond safety requirements, that is important for any workwear.

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