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Corporate Clients

Benefits of working with us:

Quality products: we produce quality and functional clothing. Our audience is quite wide: from builders, industrial workers, travelers and athletes to urban residents who choose functional things.

Additional service: custom sewing. Tailoring of clothes and accessories for corporate clients in company colors and with logos and inscriptions.

Advertising support: posting information about your store or showroom on our sites in the Internet.

Factory Warranty: 2 years warranty for all our products. Your buyers can contact us directly for warranty during 24 months. Reimbursement for goods that are returned to you under warranty.

Ordering only the items you need: you buy only the sizes, colors and styles you need. There is no need to order the entire range. You can buy only the most popular models, colors and sizes.

Outerwear for companies, national parks, nature reserves

We have extensive experience in the production of functional outerwear for national parks and reserves, as well as for companies whose employees spend a lot of time outdoors. We can modify the design of our standard models to suit your needs and for specific terms of use.

In particular, we can:

  • apply your company logo
  • sew on reflective tapes
  • sew jackets in corporate colors;
  • change the fabric of the top or the thickness of the insulation for winter jackets, depending on the conditions in which the clothing is supposed to be used

Advertising support for stores

We advise our partners who sell our parkas and jackets on all issues related to advertising and promotion of our products through outlets. We publish information about our partners on our website and social networks.

We can design and manufacture workwear, which, like a precision tool, will perform all the necessary functions in the given conditions.