Caring for the environment

The times when people lived without regard to the state of the environment are in the past now. Today, in any field of human activity, the environmental component is very important. The main task of any production from the point of view of ecology is to minimize production and consumption waste. What does it mean?

To minimize production waste, we use high-quality materials (fabric, insulation, fittings) and modern technologies that reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the environment. The optimal cut provides a minimum of fabric residues to be disposed of. High-quality fittings purchased from reliable suppliers will not break during installation. It means it will not increase the amount of recycled wastes.

In addition, when choosing suppliers, we carefully study the production process of the proposed materials and we give preference to those suppliers whose production causes the least damage to the environment. We contribute to the problem of minimizing consumer waste by producing high-quality and durable workwear, outerwear and backpacks.

By purchasing our jackets, you can be sure that they will be in use for at least five years without losing its original properties and with proper use and timely care - about ten years. This means that during this period the buyer will not throw out the jacket and thereby litter the environment. By purchasing low-quality items, you throw them away after wearing one season or even less.

The choice of durable, high-quality things is our contribution to environmental protection, this is the little that each of us can do.

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