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Northwestek designs and manufactures special and casual outdoor wear. Our range includes parkas, jackets and other outerwear for all seasons, for work and outdoor activities in various climatic conditions. We offer the following products:

Casual outerwear

Our parkas and jackets are chosen by people who appreciate not a classic look that is not subjected to fashion trends and prefer functionality, practicality, convenience and quality. Our parkas and jackets fit well on your figure, do not hinder your movement. Our products are reliable, easy to care for and serve for many years without losing their consumer properties.

Outerwear which we make is sewn of only high quality materials. We use fabrics, insulation, accessories and other materials for our parkas and jackets by trusted, well-known manufacturers and brands. We do not enonomize on the quality of materials, because this is the basis of the wear resistance and quality of the future product.

Our outerwear perfectly protects from wind, cold and rain. At the same time, we have different configurations of parkas and jackets for different climatic zones of our country. Some versions and configurations of parkas and jackets are designed for wet weather — these models have water-repellent impregnation. Some are for severe frost, they do not harden and do not “crunch”, they are not blown by the wind and keep heat well even at extremely low temperatures.


Overalls are designed for employees of construction and industrial companies, as well as for those who work outdoors at low temperatures. Our outerwear is chosen by employees of reserves and national parks, travelers, mushers and everyone who needs practical and reliable things for work and leisure.

Our services

We offer a range of additional services. For corporate clients, we carry out tailoring of parkas, jackets and other outerwear in branded, corporate colors, with logos and inscriptions. We can start designing from scratch and sew the model of parka or jacket with using of a suitable fabric for certain terms of use.

Northwestek provides a 2 year warranty on all of its products. We are confident in the quality of our work. With proper care, you will not have problems for many seasons with jackets and parkas from our company.

Winter Parkas and Jackets

Winter Parkas and Jackets

Northwestek creates comfortable and practical classic men's and women's winter parkas and jackets for outdoor activities and for everyday wear.

Workwear for engineers

Workwear for engineers

Workwear for engineers should be comfortable, practical and resistant to dirt. it should also distinguish the leader and be solid.

Work parkas and jackets

Work parkas and jackets

Our jackets remain soft and elastic in harsh climatic conditions and withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees. Resistant to chemicals and petroleum products.

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