Summer in central Russia, and throughout the country as a whole, has recently become more and more unpredictable. Therefore, now in the summer wardrobe men and women increasingly include not only shorts, dresses and other light clothes, but also warmer and more practical ones. Parkas and windbreakers are perfect for summer - versatile and reliable things. They will be useful on hikes, on picnics, on trips: in case of unforeseen rainfall or just for evening gatherings around the fire. Also, parkas and windbreakers are useful for hunters, fishermen. These clothes are comfortable, they protect from wind and rain. In a word, these are irreplaceable things.

Parka from Northwestek - your companion on a hike

The main difference between parkas and windbreakers is fabric. Parkas are made of Tomboy® fabric. It contains organic cotton. Cotton is unique because it is breathable. It will not be hot in the parka, it is very pleasant to wear it. The parka easily withstands loads, it will not tear if accidentally caught on a sharp object. Parkas from Northwestek by the Rivernord brand are not blown by the wind. Another advantage of the parka is that it dries quickly, you just need to hang it straightened out for half an hour. Thanks to the combination of cotton and faux fur, parkas do not wrinkle and are easy to wash. And they keep their shape perfectly, warm well and provide comfort.

Windbreaker from Rivernord - reliable protection from the rain

The Rivernord windbreaker is made entirely of polyester. Its main feature is that it does not pass water. Therefore, any rain is not terrible in a windbreaker. Of course, such a model will also be indispensable for summer period. Especially if a summer promises to be rainy. In addition to rain, the windbreaker will also perfectly protect from the wind. Otherwise, the windbreaker is similar to the parka: it is just as comfortable, equipped with four pockets, both models have a hood and a high collar that protects the neck. Also, the windbreaker washes well, and dries even faster than a quick-drying parka.

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