Rivernord Brand

Rivernord Brand

The Rivernord brand is a reliable and comfortable outerwear for work and outdoor activities. Creating our clothes by the Rivernord brand, we are guided by the following principles: outerwear should be comfortable, functional and perform its purpose effectively.

By the Rivernord brand, Northwestek manufactures quality workwear and outerwear for outdoor activities. Rivernord produces classic parkas and jackets with well-thought-out functionality, comfortable and reliable. The right choice of materials is the basis of every development of the Rivernord brand. That is why we choose high-quality fabrics and accessories from trusted suppliers for the manufacture of our products

We strictly implement the quality control at all stages of production, from the input control of materials to the verification of compliance of the sewing technology at all stages. It allows us to achieve a high degree of reliability of our products. Therefore, we are confident in the durability and high consumer qualities of our outerwear. With Rivernord clothing in your wardrobe, you'll enjoy wearing it for many seasons. It will save your money and also help you do your part to save the environment.

In addition to quality materials and process control, Rivernord pays exceptional attention to design. We try to avoid short-living fashion trends and frilly styles. Simplicity and functionality, thoughtfulness of every detail, optimal time-tested cut lines are the hallmark of products by Rivernord brand. Our clothes fit naturally into the atmosphere of the city street, in the country landscape, in the working environment and are equally well suited to people of any age.

We make Rivernord clothing for those who appreciate quality, reliability and functionality. Choosing our products for work, outdoor activities, travel, you will not be disappointed and your daily life will receive a new quality due to Rivernord parkas and jackets!

  • Rivernord — это надежная, удобная и функциональная верхняя одежда для активного отдыха и работы.
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