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The Northwestek company is 15 years old

27 February 2023

The history of Northwestek began in St. Petersburg in February 2008, when the Northwest Fur Company was founded for the wholesale trade of fur.

The Northwestek company is 15 years old

The history of Northwestek started in St. Petersburg in February 2008, with the founding of the Northwest Fur Wholesale Company, which soon began producing fur outerwear and accessories under the Northwestfur brand. In 2012, fur coats, vests, and jackets were replaced by Northwestfur parkas and jackets. Quality pillows made of natural fur are what we took with us into the future from our "fur" past.

The year 2012 can be called a technological breakthrough in the history of the current Northwestek (then still Northwestfur). The "first swallow" was created - the Extreme Winter parka, which laid the foundation for our main collection of parkas and jackets adapted to different operating conditions and climate options, especially for the most "harsh" regional conditions — Siberia and Yakutia. We actively modernized and improved our models, simultaneously testing them in specific geographic locations.

In 2015, we relocated our operations from St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod, where we began to produce clothing under the Northwestfur and later Nordwestfur brands. Following a significant reorganization and the emergence of several channels, each assigned its own brand (for example, Rivernord for special and functional clothing), the company acquired a new name — Northwestek. This name embodies our values and our careful attitude towards the company's history. The main focus of our activity is the production of high-quality clothing, including not only parkas, jackets, windbreakers, and specialized clothing, but also knitwear and accessories. Clothing as a correct and useful tool is one of the important components of our approach.

In 2021, together with our partners, we established our own production facility in Veliky Novgorod. Currently, about 5,000 products per month are being sewn at the Nordshew factory, and this volume is growing.

Northwestek continues to develop actively. Production and assortment are expanding, new models are being created, and we are exploring interesting approaches. The range of services and options for cooperation with us is increasing — for clothing stores and brand representatives. Quality, reliability, efficiency, and functionality always come first.