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Special Clothing for Industrial Companies

21 February 2023

Each field of activity requires its own special clothing, necessitating maximum specification for the user and adaptation to different operating conditions.

Special Clothing for Industrial Companies

The Northwestek company offers companies and organizations, whose employees spend a lot of time outdoors due to the nature of their work, the service of developing and manufacturing outerwear adapted to various conditions and operational features. This offer may be of interest to industrial, construction, mining, and oil companies, as well as firms engaged in landscape design and architecture. Northwestek has extensive experience in creating clothing for industrial workers, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, athletes, and freight forwarders.

What issues do we solve and how:

Adaptation to Climatic Conditions

For models suited to harsh, cold climates, we can choose top fabrics specifically tailored to the region's weather conditions (including dry or wet winters) or add a second layer of insulation. For areas with high humidity or heavy precipitation, we use waterproof upper fabrics.

For Working Tools

Nearly every field of activity involves specialized tools that need to be easily accessible. In addition to standard pockets, we can sew special pockets to accommodate various instruments, as well as add carabiners.

Resistance to Contamination

Clothing from Northwestek is resistant to pollution and easy to care for: jackets and other equipment can be washed in regular washing machines without losing their original properties and characteristics. We can also adapt our products to handle specific forms of contamination, such as used transport or tools, increased levels of dirt, and aggressive chemical environments. All you need to do is provide detailed descriptions of the conditions.


To ensure a specialist is visible while moving in the dark, we can add reflective stripes to jackets or other products.

For All Seasons

It is possible to order specialized sets suitable for all seasons.

By contacting us, you can obtain comfortable and highly functional specialized clothing for your staff.