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Individual Development of Outerwear by Northwestek

27 January 2023

Northwestek specializes in designing corporate and specialty outerwear tailored to your needs, utilizing our proven assortment. We can even develop an entire conceptual design.

Individual Development of Outerwear by Northwestek

Northwestek’s parkas and jackets are crafted to suit the specific climatic conditions of various regions. For example, we enhance protection against precipitation, frost, and wind through various features: an additional layer of insulation, specific fabric characteristics, "deep" hoods, and other functional details.

In addition to climatic considerations, we address other specific needs, such as workplace requirements or the client's desire for a unified corporate style. We can develop corporate and special clothing based on our tested range of parkas and jackets to meet these needs. All functional and conceptual elements will be incorporated into customized models, ensuring strength, reliability, low maintenance, pollution resistance, and functionality, with necessary changes and additions as you specify.

For instance, additional pockets for tools and other essentials can be added to meet work-specific needs. For environments with high pollution, we can use top fabrics resistant to reagents and other substances. Products can also be fitted with valves, carabiners, and reflective strips.

To create a unified corporate style, we can modify color schemes, and add emblems, logos, and slogans to parkas and jackets. We can even develop an entire conceptual design.

When ordering a batch of customized models, you can incorporate all your specific requirements and preferences into each jacket or parka.

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