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Mooring cranes for boats and yachts

Mooring cranes for boats and yachts

Northwestek company, in addition to clothing and accessories such as backpacks, manufactures accessories for boats and yachts. By "accessories" in this case we mean covers for mooring cranes.

What are mooring cranes?

They are special devices that are hung on the sides of the vessel before it is mooring or unmooring. They were invented in the Netherlands.

What are they for?

Mooring a boat or yacht is not an easy process, especially for beginners. Improper mooring can cause damage to the boat, such as dents or peeling paint on the sides. Mooring battens are designed to help prevent such damage because they reduce the contact stresses on the boat.  Our covers give your boat and the boat more protection against abrasion by protecting the paint from the tap. In addition, they are aesthetically pleasing.

Options for Covers

Do you want your yacht and boat to stand out from the crowd? Upon request we can put the name and logo of the boat or the company it belongs to on the case. All this can not only better "mark" the yacht or boat, but in some cases help to advertise this or that company.

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