Workwear Customizing

11 November 2020

Our company actively uses various types of customization in order to create unique collections of workwear that meet special requirements

Workwear Customizing

The Northwestek company designs and sews jackets, parkas for various purposes, including for work. Our designers have thought through all the details of the cut of the manufactured clothing, materials, fittings, created a number of models that meet certain standards and requirements for special clothing. The most commonly encountered operating conditions are usually selected as a standard. And what if the conditions differ from the standard? Customizing comes to the rescue. One of its varieties is the individualization of the order, when the manufactured clothes are precisely adjusted to the required conditions.

At the request of the customer, we can develop and manufacture a small batch of workwear. It will perform all the necessary functions in specified conditions. One of the most common requirements is to adapt clothes to extreme climatic conditions: low temperatures, strong winds, frequent precipitation. The customer usually makes a requirement to take into account the specifics of the work: features of the equipment used, transport, increased degree of pollution, aggressive chemical environment. Our designers find comprehensive solutions: they use more technological, water-repellent materials, use additional insulation, as well as protective details: valves, cuffs, drawstrings, deeper hoods.

Such details help to protect against gusts of wind and from the penetration of precipitation. Sometimes the features of the equipment and safety requirements dictate the need for a special arrangement of cut details, or the addition of specific details. For example, for a tool that should always be at hand, or for a radio set. Sometimes it is required to sew carabiners on overalls according to safety rules, or from the point of view of the technological process. Custom-made jackets and parkas would be logical to carry out in a single corporate style, creating an unique design. A batch of workwear produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the customer must also differ in appearance.

Our company actively uses various types of customization in order to create unique collections of workwear that meet special requirements. We can "tune" parkas and jackets as a high-precision working tool, and they will help you complete the tasks in any production. They will not let you down in difficult and extraordinary situation.

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