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Northwestek — the new name of our brand

29 October 2020

This year we have another rebranding. We changed the name Northwestfur to Northwestek. And this name fully reflects our goals and our values ​​today

Northwestek — the new name of our brand

The history of Northwestek began 12 years ago. Then, in February 2008, the North-West Fur Company was established in the city of St. Petersburg, which was engaged in the wholesale of natural fur. But that didn't seem enough after a year. And we started sewing fur clothes: fur coats, vests, jackets. We ourselves selected the best fur and made products ourselves. This is how the Northwestfur brand was born. However, this seemed not enough. We decided to change natural fur to fabric. And to make clothes that are still warm, but now also as functional as possible.

This can be considered the new, most important page of our company. We began to produce parkas and jackets for men and women. It was immediately decided: the models will be extremely simple and as comfortable as possible. This is what most people prefer to wear now. Simple design, excellent quality - our jackets and parkas have become recognizable. In memory of the "fur" past, we decorated winter models with chic natural fur trims.

Then the production line expanded. Our company began to produce clothes not only for the everyday life of citizens, but also for people who go in for extreme sports. And also for hunters and fishermen, for polar explorers, for those struggle with wind, frost and the most severe weather conditions. In the beginning we developed the models and tested them.

This is also a hallmark of our brand. We are sure to give new models to people involved in any activity in the most severe conditions. They wear our jackets and parkas, and then they say what is good and what is bad. Based on their comments, we will improve the model. And then we put it up for sale.

So it was with the Extreme Winter parka. Northwestfur developed it in 2014. And this model was the first in the series of our models for extreme conditions. Extreme Winter parkas have visited the most severe places in Russia, including Yakutia. They have proven themselves very well. At the same time, the Extreme Winter Expedition model was developed - the next generation of our winter parkas for cold winters. Over time, we have created models for different climates and for different operating conditions.

Last year, we launched our new brand, Rivernord, and started producing workwear and corporate clothing. These are reliable practical things with company logos, with all the attributes necessary for the customer. After all, we sew these things only to order, for a specific client.

And this year we have another rebranding. We changed the name Northwestfur to Northwestek. And this name fully reflects our goals and our values ​​today. At the same time, it shows that we have not forgotten the history of the company, we value every stage of our journey, but at the same time we are ready to move forward, using the most modern technologies in the production of our parkas and jackets. Northwestek today is a manufacturer of high-quality and technologically advanced clothing for various operating conditions. We produce clothes for work and outdoor activities, for everyday life. Our clothes are practical, resistant to wear and tear, made of high-quality fabrics and fittings.

We have extensive experience and high-class specialists. Our company continues to grow. We work to keep you warm and beautiful. We work to make your work comfortable!

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