RSS Feed


Stay up to date with events in our company using the RSS news feed. With this service, you can read our information in news reader applications.

News and press releases

Link to RSS news feed:

The RSS service will help you to read news and press releases from Northwestek. RSS saves you the hassle of constantly visiting the website for news updates. When using RSS, news will be displayed directly at the time of publication.

RSS using

For using of the RSS feed, you will need news readers, the so-called "aggregators". They will allow you to subscribe to our RSS feed. When reading RSS feeds, you always have the option to go to the news page on our website. If you don't have an RSS feed reader, you will need to download one.

Subscribe to RSS feeds

In the RSS feed 'aggregator' you will find a button labeled 'Subscribe', 'Add Feed' or something similar. After pressing the button, the window will appear for entering a link to the RSS feed. Many newsreaders will allow you to simply type in a website address.